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Where should you start with video marketing strategy?

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Where should you start with video marketing strategy?

First, you need to start with your brand video. While this takes a lot of creative energy and a bigger budget it does provide clarity and inspires a call to action. It sort of lays a foundation for your brand's identity and what you stand for. It takes the raw information of your company and begins to tell a story that evokes empathy and motivates your audience to get involved.

Secondly, invest in short form content. This is video content under 60 seconds on platforms like instagram, youtube, and tiktok. They could be how to videos, behind the scenes, product videos and they have a great way of generating brand awareness and engagement.

However if you want to deepen that relationship you'll want to invest into long form content. This could be a youtube channel, video podcasts, customer testimonials, and instructional videos. These have a great longterm ROI as they build confidence and loyalty by connecting with customers on a deeper level.

This is a great framework to get started today with a video marketing strategy.


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