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5 types of videos that will help grow your brand

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5 types of videos that will help grow your brand

1. Brand Promo

This is a video that is 30,000 foot view of your company which highlights your products and services and it's a great way to introduce your brand, inspire your customers and connect with them on a personal level.

2. Product videos

This highlights a detailed version of a specific product. Usually includes macro shots and is really good at showing your clients its use case in a practical environment.

3. Customer testimonials

There's nothing more powerful than a client referral. Seeing a customer's success is one of the most credible videos you can create.

4. Behind the scenes

Your company is not just made up of raw information and data, it's made up of hard working people that are passionate about what they do. Showcase that in a behind the scenes video.

5. How to Videos

Usually 60 sec to 3 min instructing and informing how your product or service works.

These are great videos to visually explain and simplify what your business is offering

Starting video marketing strategy with one of these 5 types of videos that will help grow your brand.

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