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What are the top 4 benefits of using video in your business?

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1. Growing Brand Awareness

Think of it this way if you're not speaking no one's listening and right now video content is the medium to generate awareness. Over half of global internet traffic is video consumption, and over 90% of consumers want to see more videos from brands.

2. Engaging and Connecting with Customers

You're not just posting videos that explain your business but they are intended to tell the story of your brand. You're showing the humanity, personality, and motivation behind your brand. This crucial for building a lifelong customer.

3. Establishing Credibility

By creating quality videos that adequately explain the value of your product or service you immediately establish authority in the marketplace.

4. Providing Clarity

If you're innovator trying to disrupt the market, you're going to need more than inspiration to attract customers, you'll need to clarify the value of your product by carefully walking them through what it is you're offering.

There's dozens of other valuable ways and benefits of using video in business. These are just a few!


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