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If you cut corners on the quality

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Have you ever seen those signs on a street corner that says something like 1-800 call me now to make $30,000 a month no strings attached and it's hand written with a bright colored sharpie on some posterboard from Office depot?

Why wouldn't you be compelled to pick up your phone and give the a call?

Because the communication of the offer doesn't match the value of the reward.

In other words, the quality of your marketing matters. What you create communicates a perceived value.

And the same is true for video.

If you cut corners on the quality it diminishes the value of what you're offering.

Spending time writing a script, planning in preproduction, shot listing, location scouting etc is vital to creating a final video that accurately represents your company's values.

So then if you cut corners on the quality and don't take the time to craft your message carefully, communicate quality and trustworthiness then your dead in the water like a cardboard sign on a street corner.


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